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Trend Of Big Fat Wedding In India

At present, there has been a marked increase in environmental protection and the decline in high-fat marriages. Therefore, experts explain the reason for it and why this is a good idea among COVID 19.

When it comes to Indian weddings, then the big fat ones are the most desirable moments one wishes to have to celebrate their new beginnings. India's largest fat weddings have always been at the top of the list of all the essentials for every bride and groom. But in the meantime, there has been a change between brides and grooms for a thousand years. They make an effort to have a well-paying marriage. Therefore, experts give their opinion on this.

Why is an eco friendly wedding a good idea?

According to entertainment expert Nitin Arora, MD Katalyst Entertainment, “Post Covid-19, things have changed, the whole world knows. Pre-Covid had a completely different concept, people wanted to take a big route to special events, in every aspect. They wanted to have a big party, a big wedding and thousands of guests. But now things are gone, because of circumstances. Couples and their parents understand that weddings are not just for 2,000 people but also for those who are close to them and celebrations that are enjoyed by the family. So now they want a smaller set of people. Even now marriages are reduced to 200 or 100 people because of new laws passed by the government. ”

He also said, couples enjoy this, so it may not be a bad situation, because it saves on everything like finance, the environment, water etc. they do not do things with the ‘great style of Indian wedding fat’, but they do it in a clever way. Therefore, a friendly theme goes into the shenanigans of the Indian wedding. Also, the trend will change because in every marriage there is a new way. ”

Eco-Friendly Wedding Features

Ruchita Bansal, Founder and Artistic Director, Izhaar said, “While there are many ways to have a friendly marriage, there are simple ways to reduce waste and be environmentally friendly. But it will definitely be able to meet your expectations. Friendly decorations with sugar cane, invitation cards made of biodegradable eco-paper etc. are some of the easiest ways to make your eco-friendly wedding look beautiful.

Different Features of a Clean Marriage

The founder of Pawan Chawla, P&M Movies thinks that "'Go Eco Friendly', 'Go Green' is undoubtedly the eternal slogans. to food, couples go to all Eco-compliant marriages. They focus not only on using zero plastics, but also on products that do not harm the natural resources.

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